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Looking for the latest PUBG Mobile Chinese version to download for your iPhone, iPad and Android mobile device? Follow this article to find out the best guide for getting the PUBG Chinese version (Game For Peace) for free.

PUBG Mobile is also known as “Jesus Survival: Stimulate the Battlefield” in China. It is a Battle Royale game where 100 players parachute onto an island for a showdown. PUBG Mobile Chinese version is rebranded now and it’s named Game For Peace.

How to download PUBG Mobile Chinese version?

The installation of the PUBG Mobile Chinese version is a pretty easy task. All you need is an APK file for Android and other external applications like WeChat or QQ. For iOS device users, it’s even more convenient as you can download the game directly from the App Store china.

Our step by step guide on how you can install the latest PUBG Mobile Chinese version on your Android device using APK is as follows:

  • Download the PUBG APK file by clicking this link (alt link is given below) and then select the android option.
  • If you got any issue downloading from the above mentioned official link, you could try this alternative link (Faster download).
  • You should see the APK file that you downloaded in “Downloads”.
  • Click on the downloaded application to install the APK file.
  • Make sure you have given permission to install unknown apps.
  • Install Wechat, create an account to log in and play the game.

PUBG Mobile China APK Requirements:

AndroidRequire Android 5.1.1 or above.
Size1.61 GB

How to download PUBG Chinese version 1.11 for iOS

  • Create an Apple ID for the country of China or change your region to it.
  • Download the app by clicking on the link
  • Install the PUBG Chinese version on your iOS (iPhone/iPad) device.
  • Install Wechat or QQ to log in.
  • We recommend logging in with Wechat.
  • All Done, Enjoy.

Requirements for iOS:

PublisherTencent Mobile Games
OSiOS 9.0 or later
Size3.9 GB
DeviceSystem requirements: iOS 9.0 or higher.
Compatible with iPhone 5s and above.

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PUBG Mobile CN Version 1.11 New Contents

  • The new gameplay of the island-the arrival of the Four Saints.
  • A small map of 2×2 kilometers, hidden destruction and explosion everywhere.
  • Special forces can pick up gold bars on the battlefield and exchange them for any weapons and equipment you want in the shop. Gold bars cannot be taken out of the game.
  • The training ground was renamed as Special Training Island, and it has been fully upgraded: more exquisite activity scenes and richer entertainment gameplay. Special forces can interact more with other people on the special training island, or form a team to directly match the classic mode.
  • In a single battle, all 3D sound effects except yourself will be disabled, including gunshots, footsteps, car sounds, prop sounds, etc. Even if the special forces are in a noisy environment, they can still play fairly regardless of environmental interference.
  • Game space optimization and other bug fixes.

Game For Peace: PUBG Mobile Chinese Version Features

Game For Peace: PUBG Mobile Chinese Version Features

Game For Peace is an anti-terrorism military competition mobile game developed by Tencent, LightSpeed ​​& Quantum Studios. This game was reinvented in a way to pay tribute to the warriors who protect the national airspace. It was officially launched on May 8, 15:00 CST. Within 24 hours of the lunch, Game for Peace (PUBG Mobile China) topped the iOS game free list and the best-selling list in China.

The Chinese client is almost a month ahead of the global version in terms of new content. After trying out the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, we can say that the game is much more optimized and fewer bugs.

Graphics Quality

The LightSpeed ​​& Quantum Studios production team’s objective is to bring more realistic and delicate graphics to the players. Unreal Engine 4 technology fully optimizes the game’s basic performance and finally presents the next generation of game quality and competitive experience to players.

Realistic Mechanics

Game For Peace pays great importance to the player’s immersive experience, and the game also carries out realistic simulation design to give players the most authentic experience.

On the battlefield, all kinds of weapons, vehicles, airdrop supply are all highly realistic. Whether it is a trajectory, recoil performance, or shooting sound, this game seeks real. It also adds a unique gun personality for each weapon to enrich the player’s competitive choice and bring the perfect shooting feel.

Besides, the game provides a variety of real vehicles; players can ride the vehicle to experience the perfect operation and give the player a real feeling.

Hundred People in Lobby

In this game, with a large number of super-real maps, experience-rich environmental changes, 100 people compete on the same field, with the battle strategy and shooting ability to get the chicken dinner and strive to be the best.

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Note: You don’t need any VPN application to play the PUBG game outside the China region. Complete and follow all the steps mentioned above in the right order to download and install the game. If you still got some trouble running the game on your device, please comment down below.

There you have it, our guide on how to get PUBG Mobile Chinese version (Game For Peace) for Android and iOS mobile devices. Let us know what you guys think about the latest update of the PUBG Chinese version in the comment section below.

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