AFK Arena Tier List: 10 Best Heroes in the Game

AFK Arena is an idle card game developed by Lilith Games, full of heroes to master and lots of dungeons to explore. The goal of the AFK Arena is to create the most powerful team to clear as many dungeons as possible. When you get stuck in progress, you will have to devote your time to improve the levels and abilities of your group or summon additional heroes to help you fight enemies.


This AFK Arena Tier List contains all of the most important information regarding the best Heroes in the game for you, helping you build the best possible teams that beat the metagame. Like already mentioned, heroes are the best part of this game. They level up frequently, irrespective of whether you are logged in to the game or not. Obviously, things go faster when you are signed in. But, otherwise, the heroes keep gaining passive experience.


AFK Arena Tier List information:

  • It is a global Tier List, it includes for all the game modes and is more oriented mid/late game.
  • Heroes are ranked from the strongest tier (S+) to the weakest tier (E).

TOP 10 Best HEROES in AFK ARENA 2020

The following table might give you a comparative analysis of the top 10 heroes in AFK Arena, so that you can choose which ones to use for your battle.

Rank  Name Group Class Type  Role  Strength  Weakness
Hypogean  Intelligence Mage  Damage Dealer Crowd control, survivability Difficult to ascend
Lightbearer Intelligence Mage  Support  Hard to take down Damages are invisible
Mauler Intelligence Mage Damage Dealer Massive damage Easy target to damage
Celestials Agility Melee Damage Dealer Blends according to any team Difficult to ascend
Wilders Intelligence Mage  Support  Raw healing potential  Deals with neglectable damage
Mauler Strength Melee Damage Dealer/Tank Difficult to kill Require lot of investment
Wilders Intelligence Mage  Support  Banishment skills, teleportation skills  Low energy
Mauler Agility Melee Tank Self-healing capabilities  Self-healing not applicable everywhere
Lightbearer Strength Melee Support / Tank Massive damage shield to the entire team Low damage
Graveborn Intelligence Mage  Damage Dealer Amazing self-healing, blends with all teams Weak at low levels

AFK Arena tricks to win battles

Each hero has a level of power, which roughly indicates how strong they are. But being strong is not all there is to win battles. Certain units may be weaker than others, but there are many other factors to consider when in a battle.

Bringing several heroes of the same section gives them a bonus to their attacks and life points according to the amount of them in your group during the fight, and the more you have, the greater the bonus. You can verify which bonuses are active on the battle screen, by touching the icon in the upper left corner, next to the timer.  You can also verify what additional improvements you will get by using more units of the same faction.

Master your heroes to get the victory

Faction heroes are also important in the fight as each class deals with additional damage to certain factions, while receiving more damage from others. Knowing that you must evaluate whether or not you can enter the dungeons? You can check your hero’s faction and against what they are strong and weak in the Heroes tab, by touching the icon to the left of their rarity level. Each hero has different abilities, and the effects of these spells can easily change the outcome of the battle.

How to get free prizes at AFK Arena

To play against other players in AFK Arena you will have to go to the Heroes Arena, and, the first two accesses every day are free. Winning gives you points while losing makes you lose some, depending on the difference in points between you and your opponent.

A season in the Arena lasts two weeks, at the end of each season, the participating players will earn rewards based on their overall ranking. In addition, players also receive diamonds every day according to their ranking.

Get summons and diamonds at AFK Arena

You can also complete missions giving you search points, which unlocks even more rewards. You can secure additional diamonds and hero invocations every day just by doing daily missions. If you do enough daily missions in a short period of time, you can unlock the game of the day. It is important to do as many missions as you can, as they will give you a good amount of diamonds and invocations of heroes.

The most important resources of the game, since diamonds allow you to acquire additional heroes, and the more heroes you get, the more possibilities to improve your team. Diamonds are also necessary to restore your heroes to their original state to recover the resources you spent on them.


The concept of the game is that this is a battleground. This means, of course, there are heroes. Collecting heroes is the best part of this game. The detailing of the characteristics of the heroes is incredible. The battle animations are also to the point; you can sit back and enjoy the game without playing – much like watching a historic movie. Check out the official AFK arena trailer to know more about the game

You can’t seem to put your phone down while you watch this gameplay itself. Even when you do turn it off, the game goes on. The graphic is great, so all the objects, items and characters look realistic. It further improves the user experience, so the players have a nice opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the game. Other popular games by Lilith Games are Rise of Kingdoms, Soul Hunters, Art of Conquest, Dank Tanks, etc. 

There you have it our AFK Arena tier list and top heroes in the game. Let us know what you guys think and your top picks in the comment section below. Make sure to share this article on social media if you found this helpful.

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