Unhappy Raccoon Open Beta Test is Available Now

Mobile developer and publisher X.D. Network has announced the official open beta test of the new Action game named Unhappy Raccoon. The game is now available to download for Android and iOS via Google Play Store and App Store. In this universe created by the Raccoon God, build, practice, and no enemies can last more than 3 seconds in front of you and your raccoon team. We recommend you to check out our Unhappy Raccoon codes guides for exclusive rewards.

In this infinite universe created by the Raccoon God, you can use the fluffy heroes to go to one Nebula after another to explore the unknown; meet different companions or encounter different enemies on different planets; rich skill sets to mix and match to your style, there are even more adorable raccoons to help everyone in the travel of the universe, and heroes can also create infinite kinds of combat possibilities with raccoons. Pilot your own spaceship and enjoy this wonderful universe now!

Unhappy Raccoon Game Features

That’s right, that is Roguelike that everyone is familiar with! Our feature is that we can use the “Virus” of this universe, little raccoons, to our heart’s content. Raccoons with different abilities colliding with Roguelike, what sparks will result from it?

Furry companions with their own unique characteristics-_-! Ugh! Yay! Furry! Exploring this mysterious universe with you

This is a universe created by the “Raccoon God”. “Explorers” are trapped in this universe by an unforeseeable “event”.
If you want to leave this place, you must follow the rule of the “Raccoon God”, which will create obstacles for you and help you. Find it and beat the crap out of it!
In this universe, you will encounter all kinds of companions and the most annoying “virus” in this universe – little raccoons. Are they really not in league with the “Raccoon God”?@!
Then, explore to your heart’s content, for the sake of saving yourself and this vast and mysterious river of stars!

Game Information

  • Title – Unhappy Raccoon
  • Publisher – X.D. Network
  • Genre – Action Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 500 MB
    • iOS: 557 MB
  • Download 

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