Shop Heroes Legends: Idle RPG global version is now available

Mobile developer and publisher LTgames Global have announced the official global launch of the new Simulation mobile RPG named Shop Heroes Legends: Idle RPG. The game is now available to download for Android and iOS via Google Play Store and App Store. On this wonderful journey of forging, you can solve brand new challenges, develop your business globally and become the Epic Shop Tycoon.

One day, you were led to your Uncle’s poorly managed equipment shop by his best friend Jack. The shop almost went bankrupt because of your uncle’s mismanagement. Now, it is your mission to take over this empty little shop and miraculously turn it into a business empire. Are you ready to become a Shop Tycoon? Before you embark on this journey, please keep in mind the following Shopkeeper Tips. They will help you along the way.

Shop Heroes Legends Game Features

First and foremost: Money Matters!
Make your Shop bigger and wealthier by all means.
-Unlock crafting slots to forge more equipment. Your pursuit of quality will lead you to more rewards!
-Swords, bows, axes, staffs, guns, daggers……Collect more Epic Blueprints! Reaching Mastery allows you to improve the stats of equipment.
-Train your workers to enhance equipment levels and accelerate the forging process.
-Master Shopkeeper’s Skills: Promotion allows you to attract a large number of customers within a short period of time; Inspiration enables you to accelerate the crafting process greatly; Clearance can help you sell all the low-level equipment stacked up in your backpack.

Shop Decoration is Crucial
Decoration matters in Shop management! It can earn extra rewards for you.
-Furniture rating system: Collect and unlock furniture of higher level to increase Shop Appeal and Rating. High-rating Shops will get even more popular and be rewarded with items!
-Resource Bins allow you to store more resources and complete multiple orders at the same time; Weapon Racks can raise your Energy limit so that you can sell equipment of higher levels and earn more Gold Coins!
-See the Statues on the Plaza? You can obtain rewards and BUFFs by upgrading them!

Be friends with the Heroes
Heroes are so much more than just some NPCs to chat with. They have different hobbies and personalities!
-NPCs with souls: There are hundreds of mighty NPCs in the city. Each of them is unique in personality. The Affection system allows Shopkeepers to interact with Heroes like they are real-life friends. Every choice of yours can affect the relationship between you and the Heroes.
-Epic Blueprints are scattered across all the mysterious regions on the map. Summon mighty Heroes to defeat Bosses and take the Blueprints back!

Join a Guild and expand your power
Recruit Guild members and upgrade buildings in your city to gain BUFFs.
-Each Guild has 10 powerful buildings. Investing in these buildings can bring you corresponding BUFFs, with which you can increase the resource output, enhance Hero training results and improve Heroes’ Adventure stats.
-Curious about how other Shops look like? Tap Rankings to visit Shops of players around the world! You can also see their Networth, Might and the strongest Heroes they own.
-Name the City: Shopkeeper who contributes the most can name the City after him/her! The Shopkeeper’s avatar will be seen by all players!

Game Information

  • Title – Shop Heroes Legends: Idle RPG
  • Publisher – LTGAMES GLOBAL
  • Genre – Simulation Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 392 MB
    • iOS: 404 MB
  • Download 

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