Watcher of Realms Tier List | Best Heroes (OCT 2023)

Watcher of Realms is a role playing game by Yostar Limited optimized for Android and iOS. Follow this guide for the Watcher of Realms tier list that will help you to be better at the game.

We will update our Watcher of Realms tier list when any new heroes arrive in-game, or when an update drops that changes how they perform in combat. It’s fairly easy to reroll for the heroes you want at the start of the game, so we recommend rolling until you get one of the characters we have listed in the S-tier category below.

Latest Watcher of Realms Tier List

In this post, below we have shared Watcher of Realms tier list showcasing the top-tier characters featured in the game to help you pull the best heroes in the beginning. If you need free diamonds, stamina, gold, and other exclusive rewards then check out our Watcher of Realms codes post.

Watcher of Realms Tier List: Overall Best Heroes

SSKhamet, Vierna, Hatssut, Arrogance, King Harz, Brokkir, Elowyn, Twinfiend, Pyros
SSalazar, Zilitu, Ares, Falcia, Silas, Setram, Noctune, Wrath, Regulus, Captain Reve, Torodor, Vortex, Aracha, Morrigan
AFalcia, Abomination, Zelus, Magmus, Nyx, Razaak, Hex, Ajax, Brienne, Eona, Olague, Isolde, Lightlocke, Midan, Lili, Nissandei, Meriel, Hollow, Valkyra
BApsan, Calypso, Crach, Laseer, Voroth, Deimos, Theowin, Tauriel, Nauvras, Imani, Azzoth, Maul, Aylin, Gwendolyn, Livian, Baron, Titus, Aveline, Dolores, Azhor, Laurel
CVolka, Shamir, Selene, Gluttony, Daemon, Scorch, Estrid, Selkath, Soleil, Greed, Osiren, Janqhar, Tazira, Komodo, Venoma, Cyrene, Ain, Dalyn, Luneria
DCyclone, Harpun, Marri, Nazeem, Ai, Nisalt, Brunor, Raiden

In our Watcher of Realms tier list, we have mentioned all the characters up until now. Since the game has a good amount of characters, we have segregated all of them into six brackets — SS Tier, S Tier, A Tier, B Tier and C Tier.

Tier lists are largely opinion-based and can vary based on how much you weigh results vs theoretical viability. That being said, among many tiers lists, you will see similar trends due to the overall community conception of the strength of a character according to their results.

Game Information

  • Title – Watcher of Realms
  • Publisher – Moonton
  • Genre – Role Playing
  • File Size –
    • Android: 143 MB
    • iOS: 290 MB
  • Download –

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