Myths of Moonrise Beginner’s Guide

Myths of Moonrise is a Role Playing game by StarFortune for Android and iOS. The Fallen have invaded the continent. Unite all races, searching for glimmers of hope amid the gloom. Rebuild your homeland, create an alliance, and eliminate the invaders! At the life-and-death moment, the Vampire, the Werewolf and the Wizard reunited, searching for glimmers of hope amid the gloom. At long last, they reached the Ancestral Grounds, and the mighty Lord was awakened from the long sleep ahead of time… Now, he is giving commands to all races: Take back our lands and glory, and the moon shall rise once more!

Myths of Moonrise PVP Battles Guide

PVP battles are an important venue for showing your personal strength and asserting domination. Strategy and planning are key to winning such battles. And it is also the main way for Lords to interact with others in Myths of Moonrise. So, how do you get ahead in PVP gameplay? The following is a detailed introduction to the various elements that every Lord needs to pay attention to in PVP battles.


  1. Troop preparation:
    • Be sure to train more high-tier troops (upgrading the tier of each troop camps on your Manor grounds can unlock higher-tier troops)
    • Upgrading the Barracks can increase the number of troops trained in one go, as well as reduce the time needed for training.
    • Increase marching queues, each player can have up to 5 marching queues: the first one comes for free, the other one requires VIP 8, and the other three extra marching queues need to be unlocked in the research center – battle – marching queue
    • Tech research, Lord Talents, Talents of some heroes, and Saintess military skills can increase the marching capacity of a single queue.
  2. Attribute bonus: PVP battle is not only a competition of army size, but also a competition of quality (attributes) of both armies.
    • Research Center – Combat, Lord Talents – Combat, Saintess Military Skills, Hero Talents, VIP Privileges, Gear, Crystals, Gems, Glyphs and Honor Buildings can all bring increase your military attributes.
  3. Hospital capacity: In PVP battles, casualties are inevitable. Therefore, it is wise to maximize the level of your hospitals, build as many of them as possible, and cure the wounded troops before setting out.
  4. Bonus items: you also need to prepare sufficient Attack/Defense bonuses, Troop Expansion items, anti-scouts, Mana Shields, teleports and various resources and speedup items for training and dispatching troops before the battle.


  1. When formally attacking the enemy, it is highly recommended to scout their Manor or troops before committing to the encounter. The higher the level of the Watchtower, the more detailed the information obtained by the scouting. If the scouting report shows that there is a huge disparity in the strength of your army and the enemy’s army, you can attack the opponent’s Manor by rallying together with your allies.
  2. Utilize Lord Talents – Combat, and activate the active skill Field Aid at the same time, so that the troops that would have died can be turned into wounded ones and sent to the Hospital.
  3. During the battle, if the marching speed is too slow, you can spend diamonds to speed it up; of course, if you want to recall your own troops, you can also use the army recall item to recall them (the troop recall item only can be used during the march, but cannot be used after reaching the opponent’s manor)


  1. When the battle ends, don’t forget to heal the wounded troops in Hospitals promptly to recover your Power;
  2. To avoid the enemy’s counter-attack, please use the Mana Shield or Anti-scout items;
  3. You can also ask your allies for Reinforcement to help protect your Manor from invaders.

Saintess Selena

After successfully healing Saintess Selena at her Shrine by the end of Chapter V, you gain access to her majestic powers. You can upgrade her powers to gain various combat/domestic bonuses. At the same time, you can also upgrade the Shrine, which can not only increase the number of interactions with your dear friend but also reduce the item consumption for learning Selena’s skills.

  1. Interaction: You can interact with Selena for free every day and get rewards such as speed-ups. Upgrading the Shrine can increase the number of daily interactions, up to the limit 10 attempts.
  2. Upgrade: You can use the Saintess EXP items to upgrade her level. After upgrading, in addition to resource rewards, you will unlock more of her skills, and gain military/domestic attribute bonuses by learning them.
  3. Skills: Saintess skills are divided into military skills and domestic categories. Once a skill is unlocked, it can be upgraded by spending the Military/Domestic Cores.
    1. Domestic Skills: increase the Lord’s food/wood/steel/oil gathering speed; building speed; technology research speed
    2. Domestic Core sources:
      1. 1. Treasure chest dropped by Quillas;
      2. 2. Redeemed in Trial/Bloodstone Shops.
    3. Military Skills: increase your Rider/Bruiser/Musketeer/Vehicle Attack and HP attributes; increases your March Capacity.
      1. Military Core sources
        1. 1. Hero Duel: Glory Shop;
        2. 2. As a reward from certain events.
  4. 4. Saintess Skill reset: If you do not want to continue learning a certain skill, you can use the Saintess Skill reset items to reset it. Resetting the skill will return the materials spent. The Saintess Skill reset item can be purchased through the Alliance Shop.
    • How to reset: click on the Shrine – Saintess – Skills – select the skill you want to reset – click upgrade – click reset.

Explore the World Map

The world map outside your Manor is also an important function of Myths of Moonrise. After completing the second chapter, you can leave the Manor and go to the world map. Let us briefly understand the basic gameplay functions of the World Map:

  1. Send troops to attack the Fallen on the map: you can also click search – search for the Fallen of different levels to attack. Defeating monsters of different levels with yield different rewards.
  2. Rally against Quillas: you can click Search – Search for Quillas of various levels. Defeating Quillas of different levels with yield different rewards.
  3. Lords can gather resources from Food Factories, Lumber Mills, Steel Plants and Oil Refineries on the world map by dispatching troops.
    • Click Search – Search for different resource points. The highest level of each resource point is 7. The higher the resource point level, the more resources you can gather there.
  4. There are some Ancient Ruins hidden on the world map, which you can explore. The exploration time is 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours and 8 hours respectively. You can only explore one Ancient Ruin at a time.
    • Features of Ancient Ruins exploration: In case of conflict with other Lords, you may choose to hide your troops in Ancient Ruins – when you are attacked, your troops will not be damaged.
  5. Perform PVP actions: attack your competitors.
    • You can attack any Manor except your own alliance on the world map (the territory of your own alliance is blue, and the territory of remaining alliances is red). If you successfully attack other Manors, you get a chance to plunder the unprotected resources of other Lords.
    • Click other Manors on the world map – Scout: after receiving the battle report, you can analyze the balance of power between the enemy and yourself. If your strength is not enough to attack, you can click rally to call for your allies’ assistance.

Tips on Manor Development

Manor Development is one of the main pillars of every powerful Lord. Rapid construction and upgrading of important buildings such as the Dusk Palace can help you unlock more game functions. With more functions unlocked, lords can obtain various item rewards and buffs. Here are some tips for rapid Manor development:

  • Clearing Journey Chapters:
    • Completing Chapters in the Journey system (accessible from the Tavern menu) will provide a large amount of speed-up items, which can minimize the building time; you can also use the Elimination Tokens to quickly get the speedup rewards in the chapters that have been cleared before;
  • Join an active alliance:
    • After joining an alliance, all alliance members can help each other reduce the building time. The more allies you got helping you, the more the timer is reduced. That’s why it is very important to join an active alliance!
    • The building speedup in the alliance tech can also effectively help every lord reduce the building and upgrade time.
  • Lord Talents: Economy
    • The economy category in Lord Talents, with the skill of building speedup, can greatly contribute to building time reduction.
  • Unlock and strengthen some domestic heroes:
    • There are many domestic heroes in the game, and their domestic talents can greatly reduce the building time.
  • Technology research: development
    • Carrying out development-building technology research in the research center can speed up the construction process, which will be very helpful for quickly upgrading buildings.
  • Saintess attribute bonuses:
    • After unlocking the Shrine, upgrading your Saintess’ domestic skills can help shorten the construction time.

Myths of Moonrise Hero Upgrade

Upgrade your heroes with Breakthroughs. Upgrading heroes increases the hero’s attack/defense/HP attributes and battle power.

How to upgrade:

  • Click Hero, click a hero – Upgrade, and click ‘Upgrade’ at the right bottom to increase the hero level.
  • When the Elixirs are enough to upgrade the hero to a certain level, a prompt will appear ‘can be upgraded to xx level’, click the prompt to upgrade to xx level with one click.
  • When the Elixirs are not enough, click the ‘Upgrade’ button, and there will be a way to obtain the Elixirs. If you have an Elixirs item and haven’t used it yet, you can directly go to the item page to use the Elixirs item on this page.

Myths of Moonrise Tips on Explorer Journey

Journey function is located within the Dawn Tavern at your Manor grounds. There you can challenge various adversaries to a ‘Match-three’ battle. It is one of the main ways for every Lord to obtain Books of Strategy (hero enhancement material), speedups and hero recruitment coins.

Tips on Journey gameplay:

  1. The colors of the puzzle pieces correspond to the color of the heroes, and there is a restraint relationship between different colors (red>green>blue>red; purple>yellow>purple). Attacking the monsters of the restrained color can cause double damage, while only half damage can be done when restrained by the monster’s color. The attack of the pieces is the total attack of the heroes of the same color.
  2. Action Points are required for each challenge. Before challenging, you can check the color type of the monsters guarding the level, and choose the heroes with colors effective in the challenge. Heroes of the same color will not conflict, and their attributes can be stacked. If you fail the challenge or desert halfway, the action points will not be returned.
  3. Match the puzzle pieces in order to accumulate the Rage of the heroes of corresponding colors. If the puzzle pieces do not hit the monsters, the hero’s rage regeneration will be doubled. When the rage is full, you can choose to use the hero skill. The buffs of hero skills affect puzzle pieces and other heroes, so remember to use buff skills first, and then use damage skills.
  4. Pay attention to the positioning of your heroes, for example: if you want to choose Althea, remember to put her in the middle position, so that she could affect ally heroes on both sides with her skill.
  5. The number in the circle to the left of the monster is the countdown timer for the monsters’ attacks. Therefore, remember to match the pieces where the monsters are not positioning when the monsters are not attacking, which can double your rage and get the hero skills ready for the next attack.
  6. You can click on the monster to select it as a priority target for skills. Otherwise, your targetable skills will hit random targets.

Game Information

  • Title – Myths of Moonrise
  • Publisher – StarFortune
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 141 MB
    • iOS: N/A
  • Download 

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