Lineage W Classes Introduction

Lineage W is a global scale MMORPG optimized for Android and iOS. Follow this introduction guide for the Lineage W classes that will help you to be better at the game.

There are four classes in Lineage W, each with distinctive characteristics:

  • Monarch: The only class that can command the battlefield and rule the castles of the Kingdom of Aden.
  • Knight: A class that is strong and powerful on the front lines of battle.
  • Elves: The most varied class, using the power of spirits
  • Mage: The class with the most magic in Lineage.

Mage > Knight
Elf > Mage
Knight > Elf

Now let’s take a closer look at the four classes.


Lineage W Class Monarch

The master of a lineage destined to face countless trials. The one who will shine brightly through honorable victory, or who will fade with the tide of history upon miserable defeat. A monarch walks the path of blood to seal their undecided fate.

Compared to the other classes, the monarch’s abilities are average and may not be special. However, the true value of a monarch comes into play under multiplayer combat. You can enhance the abilities of many of your comrades in a battle with a party or larger unit. They have effective skills to assess and command the situation on the battlefield.


Lineage W Class Knight

The one that wanders to keep his faith. Seeks to swear a Blood Oath to his one eternal Master. To him, death is a trivial matter, as long as the vow is upheld. As both guardian and judge, the Knight fights without fear.

Knights are a class with high physical strength and physical defense. Therefore, they play a role like a chariot, protecting the position during large-scale battles and playing a central role in the advance of their allies. With their powerful skills in melee combat, they can stun and destroy their enemies. Also, depending on their ability value and skill composition, they can withstand and dominate attacks from elves. However, their basic magic defense is low, making them vulnerable to sorcerers. They are a class that relies heavily on equipment and potions.


Lineage W Class Elf

The one to walk the path of redemption forever. All will fade, while those flowered from the nee of Eternity bloom everlasting. The blood of those kill that stains her hands cannot be cleansed. Hence, a life off atonement awaits.

Elves have lower strength and defense, but they have the advantage of long-range attacks, making them excellent checkmate. In addition to long-range attacks, they can also enhance their close range and supporter roles by choosing their attributes.

They can also use four types of spirit magic: wind, water, fire, and earth, with six levels of magic. During large scale battles, it can improve the skill hit of allied sorcerers, while at the same time interfering with the use of the other sorcerer’s skills, and can effectively check the sorcerer by attacking from a distance.


Lineage W Class Mage

The child born from death. Struggling against a hash fate which dooms her to become the evil goddess’s vessel. Constantly battling whispers that call for destruction and temptation which leads to corruption, yet venturing out into the dangerous world in hopes of blazing a trail of her own

The Mage is the class with the highest instantaneous firepower and plays a decisive role in defeating the enemy. They are also suited for range hunting with ranged magic. They have the ability to turn undead and bury the undead with a single blow.

In large scale battles, they can also play a supportive role by neutralizing enemies and healing allies. They are strong against knights with low magic defense and weak against elves who attack from a distance.

Game Information

  • Title – Lineage W
  • Publisher – NCSOFT
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 1.2 GB
    • iOS: 3.8 GB
  • Download 

That’s it for class introductions. Choose the class that suits you best and win a glorious victory in the battle for honor.

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