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FPS games were the turning point of the shooting games back in 2019 when people were isolated during the Covid period. But giving such a gaming experience is not the only thing that makes players more attracted to these games. They come with many elements like shooting, battling and survival, and more. So players specifically wanted to experience and experiment more and more with these games. So for those who are looking for a perfect yet smooth game flow with FPS games, LDPlayer 9 has given all the opportunities now.

War Robots and Free Fire Game Play

Although FPS games have captured millions of players’ hearts in the world, it hasn’t always been a smooth experience for all FPS lovers because it was facing some issues when they play the game. The most significant issue that the players were facing was the high CPU/RAM usage of emulators. Since LDPlayer 9 was released with an Android 9 kernel, everything has been updated to be smooth and quick when playing games like War Robots and Free Fire on a low-end PC.

So if you are an FPS game lover who loves to gain a maximum gaming experience, stick with this guide, and we will suggest how to play it smoothly with better settings than ever. So let’s start with our best gaming experience from now on.

High FPS Settings with Graphic Optimizations for an Extended Playing Time

Free Fire is asking the players to run their internal graphics with at least 90 frames per second, and you cannot take this anywhere else than LDPlayer 9. Although you own a 4GB RAM PC, this adjustable frame per second can be a great help as it only needs some lower system needs from the games that create the way for extended gameplay.

The next thing is that the FPS games like Free Fire are definitely about shooting your enemies perfectly. If your screen starts to blur or make some red dots, you cannot do this perfectly at any cost. So a player who is demanding a higher setting for Free Fire cannot take it from a mobile. Now they have the best option right here. LDPlayer 9 is there with the best level of details for the players with the highest definition than ever as it has been optimized with the best technologies.

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The Best FPS Games to Play with LDPlayer 

Several FPS games have been released to the market over the past years with the best features. But the thing is, not every player can take the chance to play them, especially when they don’t come up with a high-performing device. But with LDPlayer 9, everything is now easy and straightforward to gain the best gaming experience. Some of the best FPS games that you can advance played with LDPlayer 9 are:

  • Free Fire
  • War Robots
  • PUBG
  • Modern Combat 5
  • Infinity Ops

Minimum CPU Usage and Fastest Processing Speed

image 2
Free Fire GamePlay (Low CPU Usage)

As we said before, Free Fire needs quick responses from you as it is a survival shooting game. So if you want a better response rate to have the best decision taken before your enemy does, it is wise to use the LDPlayer 9. It has the fastest running time for gameplay and the best loading time for games like War Robots and Free Fire.

Smooth and a Faster FPS Gaming with Android 9.0 Kernel

The best thing you can benefit from LDPlayer 9 is its optimizations to run heavy CPU usage games like Free Fire. You all know that Free Fire takes a considerable amount of CPU usage from your PC to run, and if you are a low-end PC user, you cannot make this experience smoother and faster than you expect. This applies to the War Robots as well. LDPlayer 9 has been built to make the most out of the recent 12th Gen CPU from Intel owing to its new improvements while delivering the same degree of comforts to its low end-PC users.

This means that none of the players will experience lagging or a stuck on their games with Free Fire if they can use the LDPlayer; after all, games like Free Fire are about survival. Your faster and quick decisions need to be optimized well here to survive and suppose you have stuck or lag whenever there is an enemy shooting at you. Once the game overcomes the lag, you will be dead. So if you want to avoid such consequences and have some of the best gaming experiences, it is now the time to go with the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, for better optimization.

No Lags or Crashes

image 4

Most of the emulators we see on the market are lagging and crashing all the time right after they have started the gameplay in about 10 minutes. FPS games are also facing the not same issue but not anymore with the new LDPlayer 9. The best optimizations have been upgraded to the emulator, which creates the way to play FPS games in the smoothest way ever.

Perfect Shooting

image 5

As we said earlier, games like Free Fire as a shooting game need the best adjustments done for it to aim your enemies from your best. The Y Sensitivity adjustments here will help Free Fire players to set the perfect cursor for targeting. As a result, if you’re playing Free Fire, you can aim at even the hardest target and fire properly without making any mistakes because you have access to the finest sensitivity settings.

Shortcuts on Survival

It is a high necessity for every player in War Robots and other top FPS games to be able to survive, particularly in the game’s Battle Royale mode. So anyone who doesn’t feel like they are doing their best with the default controls can set the best movements, the best flow, and the best controls with a personalized key setting.

With the Keyboard Mapping feature of LDPlayer 9, you can configure familiar key controls as shortcuts for your game, and as a result, you will have the most flexibility to roam about while actively playing.

image 6
War Robots Game Play  / Keyboard Mapping

Simultaneous Tasks

When attacking, battling, and shooting, you are overwhelmed with multiple repeating actions, and you can see this issue happens a lot in War Robots because it is a multiplayer game. But now, you can take out the Keyboard Macros for your best use. The battling modes can be easily conquered in these FPS games through this because several repeating combos can now be set with one key.


Looking for the best emulator to mobile play FPS games to enhance the gameplay experience? Now you have it here. The LDPlayer 9 is here with the best technological advancements done to it and for those who are looking to enhance their gaming experience with LDPlayer, try it today. The best compatibility with the Android 9 kernel is waiting for you with the best gaming experience and speed.

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