Pixel Fantasia Codes 2023 (March) [UPDATED!] – Free Ruby

Looking for new Pixel Fantasia codes that actually work? You are at the right place! Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG is a Role Playing game by SUPERBOX for Android and iOS.

Follow this article to find out how to activate the Pixel Fantasia codes that can be redeemed for free ruby, gold, potions, mana gems, keys, tokens, tickets, and other exclusive rewards.

List of all Pixel Fantasia codes 2023

As of today, we have listed all the available redeem codes for Pixel Fantasia below. Players can redeem these codes for ruby, gold, potions, mana gems, keys, and more. Here is the list of new active Pixel Fantasia codes:

New valid coupon codes for Pixel Fantasia

WELCOMEPIXELRedeem this gift code for Ruby x100,000
THANKFORPLAYRedeem this gift code for Ruby x10,000, Power Stone x100, High Spirit x20, Gold Vault Key x30
LEVELUPRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards
HAPPY1YEARRedeem this gift code for Ruby x200,000, Spirit Stone x300,000, Slime Pieces x500,000, Slime Dungeon Key x100, Mana Stone Mine Key x100, Sealed Ruins Key x100, Arena Ticket x50, Gold Vault Key x300, Pixelium Ingot x30, Purified Souls x30,000

Pixel Fantasia coupon codes are valid for a certain period, so hurry up and enter them into the game. We regularly check for new codes, so we advise you to visit this page often.

To avoid any error, please make sure you enter the redemption code in the game as shown in the table we listed above, including the unique characters and letter case (capital & small letters).

Pixel Fantasia Codes FAQs

  1. How to redeem Pixel Fantasia codes?

    Not sure how to enter the redeem codes in Pixel Fantasia? It’s pretty straightforward; here is how you can use the redemption codes in just a few steps:
    Step 1: Open the game, Tap on the Menu button located on the top right side of the screen.
    Step 2: A new window will pop up, scroll down and click on the Setting section.
    Step 3: Enter the Pixel Fantasia codes provided above in the textarea.
    Step 4: Click on the Okay button and you will be rewarded immediately in-game.

  2. How to get new Pixel Fantasia codes?

    Pixel Fantasia coupon codes are released on websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and Discord. The developer usually publishes new codes on special occasions like milestones, festivals, partnerships, and special events. We will never post hacks or alleged cheats because they usually don’t work or get your account banned. We will update this article with all the new redemption codes once they are available. Bookmark and visit this page often so that you don’t miss out on new codes.

  3. What is Pixel Fantasia?

    Pixel Fantasia is a 2.5D pixel idle RPG game with a fantasy-style 3D background and 2D animated characters. The game follows a pixel girl from a different world who must save the pixel world through various challenges and endless growth opportunities, such as equipment and pet upgrades. The game offers powerful spirit skills and a chat function to discuss gameplay with other players. Additionally, players can compete in PVP battles and grow their characters even while offline.

Game Information

  • Title – Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG
  • Publisher – SUPERBOX.Inc
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 1.8 GB
    • iOS: 1.3 GB
  • Download –

There you have it, our list of all the available Pixel Fantasia codes for Android and iOS. Please do let us know by commenting down below if there are any new redeem codes that are not mentioned in this post.

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