Fishing Clash Gift Codes

Looking for new Fishing Clash gift codes that actually work? You are at the right place!

Follow this article to find out how to activate the Fishing Clash codes that can be exchanged for pearls, bonus sets, coins, lures and other exclusive items.

List of Fishing Clash gift codes

As of today, we have listed all the working and expired redemption codes for Fishing Clash below. Players can redeem these codes for free Coins, weight, speed, lucky, and catch chance bonuses and other rewards.

New valid gift codes for Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash Gift CodeREWARDS
JustacodeRedeem this gift code for a Power UP Pack (Added on May 12th, 2021)
memoryRedeem this gift code for Avatar Frame (Added on May 8th, 2021)
lootRedeem this gift code for 1x Black Pack (Applicable to only New Players)
flounderRedeem this gift code for 50 pearls (Added on May 7th, 2021)
hdotahenbRedeem this gift code for Gold Fortune Pack (Added on April 28th, 2021)
uvumwemweRedeem this gift code for 25000 coins (Added on April 21st, 2021)
FCAPPGALLERY2021Redeem this gift code for x100 Multi-Hook, x100 Sonar and Gold Pack
보겸 TVRedeem this gift code for 1x Black Pack (Applicable to only New Players)
wwwwwwwwwwwwRedeem this gift code for x1 Power up Pack (Added on April 14th, 2021)
jgeirqkoRedeem this gift code for 100 pearls (Added on April 7th, 2021)
MakoRedeem this gift code for 50 Pearls, x1 Mediterranean Sea Pack x1 Power up Pack and Small Pack of Rods (Added on April 4th, 2021)
easterhuntRedeem this gift code for 15000 coins, x1 Gold Pack, x1 Power up Pack and x1 Gold Pack of Tokens (Added on April 4th, 2021)
codeRedeem this gift code for 50000 coins, x1 Gold Lure Fortune Pack and x1 GoldPack of Token (Added on March 19th, 2021)
bewithyouRedeem this gift code for x1 Silver Pack of Tokens, x1 Silver Pack of Lures and x1 3-Star Rod (Added on March 18th, 2021)
fishRedeem this gift code for 50000 coins, x1 Silver Pack of Tokens and x1 Silver Pack of Rods (Added on March 17th, 2021)

The Fishing Clash gift codes 보겸 TV and loot only work if you have are new to the game. If you have been playing for a while, the codes will not activate. Be sure to copy the codes and paste them into the input field to receive your reward.

It should be noted that the Fishing Clash codes are valid for a certain time, so you should hurry up and enter them into the game. We regularly check for new valid codes for the game, so we advise you to visit this page often. Make sure you enter the code as it is in the table we listed including the capital, small letters and special characters.

Fishing Clash Codes (Expired)

As we mentioned above the gift codes will be valid for only a specific time period. Here is the list of all the expired codes for fishing clash:

  • dorsz – 25,000 coins
  • ghabeifg – Fortune Gold Pack with Lures
  • poppydots – x100 Pearls
  • FCXmas20 – Fortune Gold Pack with Lures
  • eve – Kenai 3-Star Rod Package
  • FROST – 5,000 Coins and Booster Pack
  • SHALLOW – x50 Pearls
  • taras – 25k coins
  • sunken – 50 pearls
  • djdhabhd – 10k coins
  • trutta – +15% to weight (x25), +50% to speed (x25), +100% to luck (x25) and 100% to fish chance (x25)
  • kohaku – Golden Fortune Pack with Decoys
  • QWERTY – +15% to weight (x25), +50% to speed (x25), +100% to luck (x25) and +100% to fish chance (x25)
  • H20 – +15% to weight (x25), +50% to speed (x25), x25 to sonar, +100% to luck (x25) and +100% to the chance to catch fish (x25)
  • AUTUMN20 – 25k coins
  • 3years – 1 Legendary pack with random decoys
  • LHASA – +100% luck (x25)
  • Ydmcvbaew – 100 pearls
  • Kaapstad – +15% to weight (x25), +50% to speed (x25), +100% to luck (x25) and +100% to the chance to catch fish (x25)
  • Yarborough – 25,000 coins
  • fopbnexzr75  – Fortune Gold Package with Bonuses
  • Unlfbebac – +15% to weight (x25), +50% to speed (x25), +100% to luck (x25) and +100% to fish chance (x25)
  • tvusa – black pack of complementary foods
  • honolulu – 10k coins
  • colorado – 100 pearls
  • ifnewlgtn – gold box with bonuses
  • EatEot – 50 pearls
  • Rumburak – Increase Speed, Luck and Crit Chance
  • klucz – gives +25 to weight, speed, luck and random items
  • bluecheer – 50 pearls
  • sxfarvsi – bronze tackle box with maps
  • otto – golden pack of baits
  • xylophone – high level gold coin box with fish cards
  • zyzz – 50 pearls
  • gnmte – 25 Buffs
  • HB3ZYW – 10k coins
  • Phillips – in-game items (weight, speed, luck)
  • ishhdhhwkeo – a silver tackle box containing core cards
  • extremesportfishing – +50 Weight, Sonar, Luck and Critical Rate.
  • KAMBR – gold and fish/bait cards
  • SAMARQAND – 25 bonuses

How to redeem fishing clash gift codes?

How to Redeem Fishing Clash Gift Codes

Not sure how to enter the gift codes in Fishing Clash? It’s really simple here is how you can redeem codes in just a few steps:

  • Tap the menu button (blue button with three lines on it) located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Gift Codes button.
  • Now enter the gift codes we provided above in the ‘Enter Code’ section.
  • Click on Claim, immediately your reward will pop up on the screen.
  • Enjoy your rewards.

Check out this Youtube video if are still unclear on how to redeem fishing clash gift codes.

How to get Fishing Clash codes?

Fishing Clash gift codes are released on websites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Discord. Most of the time it’s the developers who publish the codes on the official social media sites. We will update this article with all the new gift codes once available. Bookmark this page and keep checking regularly for new codes.

Fishing Clash Game Description

Fishing Clash is a realistic 3D fishing simulator. Online game with exciting quests and picturesque locations. Explore fascinating underwater worlds of rivers, seas and oceans in 3D format, take part in exciting competitions. Fishing in stunning waters around the planet. Prove that you are the best fisherman in the world.

Fishing Clash is good entertainment for all fans of fishing adventures, action games, simulators and open-space tournaments during their real travel. Here, everyone is given the opportunity to travel to realistic, whimsically animated natural areas around the world, where they can fish in reservoirs that are rich in very famous and rare species of fish, in order to break all records and prove their skills.

Game Information:

  • Title – Fishing Clash
  • Publisher – Ten Square Games
  • Genre – Simulation Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 99 MB
    • iOS: 462 MB
  • Download –

There you have it our list of all the available fishing clash gift codes for android & iOS. Please let us know if you guys find any new redemption codes that are not mentioned in this post.

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