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Follow this article to find out how to activate the Archero codes that can be exchanged for Gems, Coins, Gold Key, Energy and other exclusive items.

List of Archero Promo Code

As of today, we have listed all the working and expired promo codes for Archero below. Players can redeem these codes for free gems, coins, gold key, energy, pets and other rewards. The current list of valid codes are as follows:

New valid promo codes for Archero

Archero Promo CodeREWARDS
QuickRaidRedeem this code for 50K Coins, 2 Exquisite Coupons and 1 Hero Shard (Added on April 1st, 2021)
lovearcheroRedeem this code for 214 Coins, 100 Gems and 5 Purple Tickets
2021222Redeem this code for x10 gems, 5k coins, and x1 key
2021Redeem this code for x5 purple coupons, x1 gold coupon, and 2021 coins
archerhiRedeem this code for 10 Gems, 5,000 Coins, and a Gold Key
HTOTRedeem this code for 100 Gems, 1,031 Coins, and Gold key
goodarcherRedeem this code for 20 Gems, 5,000 Coins, and a Gold Key

Free promo code Event:

Visit the official website: and share with friends to get the promo code. The code will be valid until January 30, 2021.

The promo codes are valid for a certain time, so you should hurry up and enter them in the game. We regularly check for new valid codes for the game, so we advise you to visit this page often. Make sure you enter the code as it is in the table we listed above, including the capital, small letters and special characters. 

Archero Codes (Expired)

As we mentioned above, the codes will be valid for only a specific period. Below we have listed all the expired promo codes for Archero:

  • archeroduo – 20 Gems, 2,000 Coins, and a Wolf Ring
  • archerogo – 20 Gems, 20 Sapphires, and Scrolls
  • archerofun – 20 Gems, 5,000 Coins, and a Gold Key
  • archerowin – 20 Gems, 2,000 Coins, and a Bright Robe
  • archero1 – 100 Gems, 2,000 Coins, and an Owl Pet
  • YOUTH – 61 Gems, 6,100 Coins, and 10x Energy
  • image – 2,000 Coins, 20x Energy and Chest key
  • HAPPY – keys and arrows
  • FRIENDS – Obsidian Chest, keys and Energy
  • santahero – Obsidian Chest, keys and Energy

How to use Promo Codes in Archero?

Not sure how to enter the promo codes in Archero? It’s pretty straightforward; here is how you can use the redeem codes in just a few steps:

  1. Open the game and click on the ‘Settings’ button located on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. A new window will pop up, find and click on the ‘Insert Promo Code’ button.
  3. Enter the codes we provided above in the ‘Promo Pack’ section.
  4. Click on ‘Claim’, you will get a reward immediately.
  5. Enjoy your reward.

How to get Promo Codes for Archero?

Archero promo codes are released on websites like Facebook, Reddit, and Discord. Most of the time it’s the developers who publish the codes on the official social media sites. We will update this article with all the new redemption codes once available. Bookmark this page and keep regularly checking for new codes.

Archero Game Description

Archero is an adventure game for Android and iOS, where you will explore the world and fight evil. In this game, you will play the role of an archer, the only force that is capable of repelling the forces of evil. Go on a journey and explore beautiful worlds where enemies and obstacles will lie in wait for you at every step.

Use various skills of the archer, which will allow you to complete all the dungeons of the game. On your way, you will meet a thousand unseen monsters and many puzzles that will make you break your head. Upgrade your hero during the game and achieve excellent results.

Embark on an uncharted adventure where an endless number of enemies await you, whose main goal is to destroy you. Fight everyone who comes your way and do not forget to be on the alert at all times. And most importantly, do not lose your vigilance, because your enemy does not sleep.

Constantly learn new skills and develop the ones you already have. Do not stop improving as a fighter, because your life depends on this. Kill all enemies that get in your way. And most importantly, do not forget to explore more and more lands that you will meet on your way.


  • Fight opponents and defeat them
  • An interesting and gripping plot
  • A large number of levels to complete

Game Information:

  • Title – Archero
  • Publisher – Habby
  • Genre – Action Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 59 MB
    • iOS: 249 MB
  • Download –

There you have it, our list of all the available Archero promo codes. Please let us know if you guys find any new redeem codes that are not mentioned in this post.

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