Soul Tide is now available for Android and iOS

Mobile developer and publisher LemcnSun Limited has announced the official launch of the new Role Playing game title Soul Tide. The game is now officially available to download for Android and iOS via App Store and Google Play Store. If you are looking free gems, coins, astral cards, souls and other exclusive rewards then check out our Soul Tide gift codes post.

Soul Tide is an anime mobile game based on dungeon exploring, storytelling, and anime girl collections. An epic and romantic saga between you and the heroines awaits.

Soul Tide FAQ

Q1: When can I download the game? And when will the server be up? 

The pre-download of Soul Tide is already available. And the server will be open at 9 AM, March 29th (UTC -7). 

Q2: When will pre-registration rewards be delivered? How do I collect them? Can I get them if I am not a pre-registrant? 

Pre-registration rewards will be delivered via in-game mails to players who log in Soul Tide within the first month since the launch day. Yes, you will receive them even if you are not a pre-registrant. 

Rewards when logging in for the first time: 

  • Asuna’s outfit — JK (Blue); 
  • 10,000 Coins, 5 Top 100 Litoris, 10 Lesser Souls; 
  • 20,000 Coins, 3 Astral Cards, 10 Lesser Souls; 
  • Painting: Virgina, 5 Astral Cards, 10 Greater Souls; 

Rewards upon reaching Lv.10: 

  • Random SR Verve, 5 Top 100 Litoris, 5 Lunar Cards; 
  • Random SSR Verve (ATK), Portrait: Dallian, 5 Lunar Cards; 

Q3: When will OBT testers receive their rewards? 

The OBT rewards will be delivered 2 weeks after the launch day. 

Q4: What can be done if the game is lagging and my device is burning hot? 

You may solve the issue in-game by clicking your icon on the main menu. In Settings, turn Power Save on. 

Q5: I had enough with the ultimate animations! Grrr! 

You can solve the issue in-game by clicking your icon on the main menu. In Settings, turn Ultimate off or set it to be played once per day. 

Q6: What can be done if I am experiencing crashes, disconnects, payments failures, and download issues? 

  • 1. Make Sure you have enough storage space on your device; 
  • 2. Turn off unnecessary apps running in the background; 
  • 3. Connect from a different network environment; 
  • 4. Relog the game; 
  • 5. If none of the above solved your problem, please try to reinstall the game. If that still fails, please contact us via email: [email protected] 

Q7: Why are there some translation issues in certain stories? 

This issue indeed exists due to limited manpower, and for that we apologize. But we promise that we are working on it all the time, and will update fixes and improvements in each patch.

Game Information

  • Title – Soul Tide
  • Publisher – LemcnSun Limited
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 1.2 GB
    • iOS: 2.3 GB
  • Download 

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