Shining Beyond mobile RPG is now available

XII Braves PTE LTD’s online role-playing mobile game Shining Beyond is now officially launched for Android and iOS. You can download and play this game is from the Play Store and App Store on your mobile devices.

Shining Beyond Launch Information

Shining Beyond is a hybrid gacha of multiple kinds of genres that caters to any playstyle. Take on powerful Monsters and daunting Challenges such as Raids, while passively gathering resources and loot while you are away from the game.

The Shining Beyond team would like to express a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for your understanding and patience. We would like to present all players with 600 Gems, 10x Thanksgiving Box and 5x 3* energy boxes to help you in your new adventure. Remember to claim them in your mailbox!

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Shining Beyond Gameplay

Shining Beyond Gameplay
Credit: Shining Beyond

Build your dream team of 4 heroes from a roster of over 50 available characters. Customize each hero to combo with one another, and provide support on the battlefield. The possibilities are endless!

Players can customize not only their characters but their entire playstyle. You may wish to spend an evening clearing dungeon, action RPG style or you may choose to let the AI help you play through the night to completely remove the strain of the grind. However you prefer your games, you will find a place here.

Co-operation is integral to the world of Shining Beyond. Link up with two other friends to take on enemies as a trio, facing down enemies with a combined party size of 12. Better than fighting alone, players will be able to take on the biggest, most dangerous enemies as a team.


In a World enslaved by Darkness, a small group of heroes band together in defiant resistance. Their aim is to rise up against the New Empire, and shine beyond the darkness, becoming a force for hope against this Tyranny.

The story centers on our hero Jake, who is furiously fighting a battle against his own personal, very tangible demons. With the help of his friends and trustworthy allies, Jake must fend off waves of dark forces pouring out of an Abyssal gate, holding off the evil minions whose only goal is nothing less than the complete takeover of the realm.

As the invasion rages on, our heroes must fight to defend the land they call home from the servants of darkness, sealing off the Abyssal gates before they are completely overwhelmed. The fate of the realm hangs in the balance, and only The Resistance stands between long-awaited liberation and eternal subjugation.

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