Orphans Order Mobile RPG Announced

DMM GAMES announced a new RPG title “Orphans Order” (ミナシゴノシゴト), is set to release in winter 2020 for PC and Mobile platforms, initially the game will only be only available on Android devices.


Players can now pre-register by following the official Twitter. All players will be able to obtain an SSR character guaranteed gacha ticket when the pre-registration reaches 100,000. Check out the “Official Promotion Movie” below.

Game Features

Created by DMM GAMES and Techcross Basics, Orphans Order is a turn-based RPG game where players lead girls. In-game, it is called “Minasigo”, who holds the spirit of historical heroes such as Jeanne d’Arc and Kibitsu-hiko-no mikoto to fight the dire demon king in the world of Nirvana.

  • Flexible Equipment System: The highly flexible equipment system allows all characters to use powerful weapons. Equip weapons of various attributes and search for strategies that give advantages in battles.
  • Dynamic Skills Performance: If you summon a war god during battles, the war god will participate in the battle in a fixed turn. By training the war gods, the maximum number of combos to the opponents will increase.
  • Orphan x Hero x Legendary Battlefields: Join forces with the characters who are orphans and anthropomorphize heroes to defeat the evils in the legendary battlefield. The game also features a profound story, where the player develops bondings with the girls.

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