My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is now available

The brand-new 3D action mobile game “My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero” published by Komoe Game, is officially launched on Android and iOS platforms. The game doesn’t contain English translation yet; you can download it from the Play Store and App Store.

Log in to the game, and you will receive the “Level 20 Orange Pre-appointment rewards such as skins”, “10 consecutive draws”, and “Limited Titles”, the game also opens trainee benefits quests and other opening activities. The official has once again released an introduction to the special combat gameplay to help players further understand the game content.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Description

“My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero” authorized by genuine IP restores the animation world with a brand-new 3D game screen, reproduces the hero’s exclusive “personality” through skill and special effects, and creates a strong sense of strike. Today, the official release of the special combat gameplay PVP Arena, Extraordinary Co-operation and Hero Theater and other special gameplays will lead players to experience the heroic world.

3v3 wheel battle arena to create your own unique fighting style

3v3 My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

 The arena uses a unique 3v3 wheel battle mechanism, where players can freely choose three heroes and switch freely during the battle. During the battle, players do not need to manipulate the camera. They can focus on defense, breaking defense, dodge, and heavy blows between characters, experience the exciting fighting between multiple characters, and advanced combos generated by different “personality” skills.

 In the extraordinary cooperative battle, players can freely plan their own team, according to the enemy lineup heroes, arrange the team formation, and other managers to compete with other managers in strength and strategy, let the heroes come to the competition.

 The points obtained in the extraordinary co-operation battle can be used to redeem Midori Idula’s outfit-Green Valley Gymnastics Suit and talent factor items in the store. Players with outstanding strength can also get hero coins and financial rewards on the leaderboard.

Enter the “Hero Theater” to experience the famous scenes of the original animation 

 My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero reproduces the classic scenes in the animation through 3D modules and establishes a “hero theater” system in the game. Players can watch and experience the original animation’s famous scenes in a new way through special short 3D animations and interactive sessions in the Hero Theater.

Open service celebration welfare event pre-reward all unlocked “trainee welfare” and 40 consecutive draws

Make an appointment in advance to break through the ultimate goal and successfully unlock all rewards. Players will be able to receive rare reservation rewards such as “Level 20 Orange Pack”, “10 Consecutive Draw”, and “Limited Title” after logging in to Create Corner.

In addition, the trainee benefits will also open today. As long as players complete the daily designated tasks, they can get the Hero Fragment Selection Box to choose to train designated hero characters, as well as Hero Contract (drawing coupons), Funds, Enhanced Mixture, and other game resources to participate in Apprenticeship; You can receive 5 bonuses per day. After completing the 8th Apprenticeship task, you will have a chance to get 40 consecutive draws and other benefits.

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