League of Legends Wild Rift Release Date

After Arena of Valor, Mobile legends and many other mobile games profoundly inspired by League of Legends, it will finally have its own official mobile version. The game will be free to play and never paid to win!

Riot Games announced during its 10th anniversary of the release of its popular MOBA League of Legends. LOL is coming to mobile devices next year with a new version named Wild Rift.

League of Legends Wild Rift Release Date

Wild Rift is scheduled to be delivered in early 2020 for the android and iOS platforms according to the riot games. Once the beta is available for the public we will publish the download link and other details. The pre-register of LOL Wild Rift is available on the Google Play Store right now. It will be until late 2020 for the release of League of Legends: Wild Rift on the console.

Basic information

Delivery date Early 2020
Distribution company Riot Games, Inc
Genre Strategy
Price Free
Official site League of Legends: Wild Rift Official Website

Wild Rift Game Overview

League of Legends Wild Rift will bring the spirit of MOBA to smartphones and consoles. Riot Games has made it clear that it’s not a port of the original game but both include the core 5v5 MOBA. It also means that cross-platform play between the two will not be possible, although it will offer the same experience.

They have rebuilt the game from scratch and you will notice it from the first glance at the modelling of the champions. There will be coordinate evens and releases between League PC and Wild Rift and there might be the possibility of cross-platform play between mobile and console.

The games will last between 15 and 20 minutes, which is twice as fast as on its PC counterpart. Not all the skins available on League will be integrated into the mobile game, but those available have been reworked.

Developer title announcement video


The developers raised the issue in the announcement that they had to find a way to reproduce the League experience on other platforms, in a way that is worthy of your time and your investment, and we think we have found that balance with Wild Rift, that we look forward to introducing you to.

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