Figure Fantasy is now available for Download

Figure Fantasy is reaching the global as an idle 3D game, and the developers Komoe Technology is presenting this to the gamers where you all have to become a figuring master. Players will have to experience the best adventures here, which are happening in a miniature world, and this RPG will be now available for all the global wise players from today. If you need free diamonds, lucky coins and other exclusive rewards then check out our Figure Fantasy codes post.

The game’s soft launch arrived on the 16th of November to the 29th of November for the Google play store in New Zealand and Australia. So as a global release, it is finally happening on the 30th of November for the higher storage space devices. The opportunities are here for the players to enjoy a 3D miniaturized story here, and the PBR technology has improved the precise rendering of all the available figurines in this game. All those real-time material textures, along with the light refractions, will be perfectly displayed using this Physically Based Rendering technology included in Figure Fantasy.

Figure Fantasy Game Features

Figure Fantasy is coming to the gaming world with the most exciting features as follows.

Completing Quests

Players are required to come through the game. They have to collect multiple figurines here to complete their quests. In each story, there are characters available in the gameplay, and they will be the heart of the stories. Players will be able to make some bids on purchasing a Blind Box, and they will never miss out on a favorite figurine on here. There are so many custom displays tailor-made to form a very own space for the game. There will be hundreds of themes to enjoy in the game, consisting of unique sci-fi, space and many more.

Strategic Battles

There is numerous strategic battle available here. Players are required to start the game by playing these strategic battles against others. They will deploy their lines ups by setting positional covers, viewing amazing animations and action, and the 3D players. Whether you are expected to create a team from Vanguards, Helpers, Defenders, Specialists, or Militarists, you can choose one and create a great team through them.

Simple yet an Idle Gameplay

The game will be straightforward from its gameplay as it asks you to figure out the fantasy on actions. You can earn some resources, and it doesn’t ask you to sacrifice anything you have once you wake up from sleep. Players are allowed to relax on their all daily grinds. The ordinary levels of the game will not require you to bear so much effort; it just needs one tap, and any unused resources will not interrupt any player once they have gone offline.

Why and How Play Figure Fantasy on PC?

Why and How Play Figure Fantasy on PC

Figure Fantasy is a game that requires at least 3GB of storage space from the mobiles due to its higher graphics and features. So if a player is unable to have sufficient storage on their mobiles, they will not be able to experience a game from Figure Fantasy.

More than that, Figure Fantasy is a rich game with higher 3D graphics on it, and even though you have a mobile with sufficient storage to play the game, you will not be able to experience real gaming from it with the use of that tiny screen. To feel the best gaming, you should always have better visuals, and better visuals will become through a PC as it has a wider screen.

The next thing is that a usual RPG game like Figure Fantasy has more advanced controls than other mobile games. It has so many strategic battles to play for the gamers, it needs some well-managed controls for the game, and a usual touch screen will never give you that ability to enjoy the best gaming. When you are rich with a keyboard and a mouse, these easy and better controls can be acquired from it, and that is why you need to play this game by using a computer over a mobile.

But in general, a mobile game cannot be played on a PC by just installing it onto the computer as it is built with a different operating system than the PC. So to run these types of mobile apps on a PC, you need back support and an emulator can gain back support.

Android emulators create a separate space on computers without considering their operating system to run mobile apps on them. So you can install a mobile application through these emulators and have better features than those usual mobile experiences.

If you want to find an android emulator online, there are dozens of them, like LDPlayer, NoxPlayer, iDeaS, Bluestacks, etc. We recommend the LDPlayer since it has a lot of better features to offer you to make excellent gaming with Figure Fantasy.

How to play Figure Fantasy with LDPlayer?

How to play Figure Fantasy with LDPlayer

LDPlayer will give you the smoothest gameplay for the Figure Fantasy with the easiest and smoothest customizations for your PC. It can adjust your graphics, RAM, CPU, and more to give you the smoothest gameplay from Figure Fantasy. The next thing is that it has a key feature called the Multi-Instance Sync feature that will allow you to create several instances of the game simultaneously. This feature is beneficial for an RPG game and the game controls. LDPlayer will have another solution called the Keyboard Mapping feature.

Since there are a lot of strategic battles to deal with in this game, you need to have better controls and movements over your game, and mobile will never be able to provide you with those best controls. So rather than practicing on those in-build key controls, you can create your own from this Keyboard Mapping feature. Whatever you are familiar with, your movements from your keyboard, set it as your game movement and make your own key sets for the game.

In addition to these all, LDPlayer will be a free option for you all, and it is a most trusted source by global wise players. So you are using the best to have the best gaming experience for sure.

How to Play with LDPlayer?

  1. Install this LDPlayer from its official website.
  2. Download Figure Fantasy from LDPlayer from LDStore or GooglePlay. 
  3. Enjoy the best features to experience this game by LDPlayer.

So why just wait? It’s time to explore the miniature world and fight with your figurines~

Game Information

  • Title – Figure Fantasy
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 490 MB
    • iOS: 603 MB
  • Download –

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