Castle Craft is Now Available Globally

Castle Craft – World War game is now available to download worldwide via App Store and Google Play Store. Castle Craft is a real-time strategy mobile game where the objective is to overtake your opponent’s castle by managing resources efficiently.

Game Modes

Versus: A mode where players battle against each other for ranked points. Matchmaking is based off of both players’ trophy counts.

Co-op: A mode where players work together to defeat the AI. Unlocks at 100 trophies.

Sky Arena: A mode where players must aim to win ten matches before losing three. Rewards increase as the number of wins increases. Unlocks at Castle Level 3.

Practice Battle: A mode where players can play matches against an AI opponent of varying difficulties.

Friendly Match: A mode where players can play matches together with a friend.

Tactics Training: A mode where players can learn tactics for different situations.

Castle Craft Game Features

Show your strategic skills.
Counter your opponents by responding to their strategies with diverse and dynamic gameplay.
Freely choose Commanders and units with different mechanisms to win.

You can level up your Commander and unit cards to make them stronger.

Always go for new strategies.
Don’t forget to scout the enemy base. Find out what your opponent is doing and respond by expanding your base and adding unit cards with a special strategy for victory.

Try your own comp in the meta that is constantly changing.
Create armies with different commanders and units each time to test out your strategy.
Astonish players around the world with your creativity.

Rise to the top and become the best.
Experience many battles to become the best conqueror and achieve rewards given to conquerors.
Accomplish Expedition Missions that change every season and earn additional rewards.

Join a Guild to share your strategies and battle records.
Compete with other guilds with your guild members.
Share strategies while competing with others and earn fame.
Obtain gifts and victory rewards given daily and watch your Guild grow.

Game Information

  • Title – Castle Craft – World War
  • Publisher – RisingWings
  • Genre – Casual Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 73 MB
    • iOS: 690 MB
  • Download 

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