Call of Duty Mobile: Release Date and Game Updates

Call of Duty Mobile is a multiplayer FPS game for mobile platform includes both Android and iOS. Activision and Chinese giant Tencent have teamed up to bring a brand new game. The game is developed by Timi studio, unlike PUBG mobile which is developed by lightspeed and quantum studio. COD Mobile beta is now available, download call of duty mobile by clicking this.

CODM Game Features

  • Game Modes:
    In Call of duty mobile, will include modes like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Free for all and intensive 5v5 in iconic maps like Crash, Hijacked, Nuke town and many more. An additional game mode Battle Royale is also included for quality PvP action.
  • Custom Loadout:
    In order to customize your loadout and stand apart from others, you need to earn and unlock various characters, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks, and other gears.
  • Ranking and Clans:
    The ranking is no different from any other games compete against others and use your skills, perks, score streak and time to rise to the top. Clan reward can be claimed as you play with our friends.
  • Game Optimization:
    Call of duty has promised to deliver triple-A quality and performance which is 60 frames per second, low latency and responsive controls. In the alpha release, we saw that the game is much more optimized than PUBG mobile. When the game officially releases we will find out more about bugs and optimizations.

Call of Duty Mobile Release Date

On 18th March 2019, the official announcement and Pre-registration was made available for the Android platform. If you own an iOS device you can manually register by clicking this link. In the region Australia and China Alpha test servers were opened for a bit then again it was closed.

Call of Duty mobile is rumored to release in the summer this year nothing is official yet. But before that, there might be a separate Chinese client release just like PUBGM. We will let you know whenever the beta is available, make sure to follow UCN Game on Twitter and Facebook. If you haven’t pre-registered yet for your Android device then use the below link.

Call of Duty®: Mobile
Call of Duty®: Mobile
Price: To be announced

Call of Duty Mobile Chinese

CODM Chinese beta pre-registration is now available for both Android and iOS. Here is how you can sign up and what you need.

  • Install WeChat on your device and create an account.
  • Visit this link
  • Translate the page and click on “Reservation Now”.
  • Select login through WeChat.
  • Done, you will see a pop up saying congratulations on getting an advance package in Chinese.


There is a lot of hype for the game call of duty mobile which is bringing fake versions on the internet claiming to be beta release or version 1.0 etc. Stay away from those third-party apps so that your device gets infected by malware. Below is an example of people trying to scam in the name of this game.

Call of Duty Mobile Fake App
Call of Duty Mobile Fake App

If you not checked out the official announcement trailer of the game yet then here is the youtube video by GameSpot trailers.


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