NU: Carnival How to Reroll and Play on PC

Waggling your ways into a different world than most games is now possible, and it is the NU: Carnival. You are going to turn your heads into an amazing BL world where its powers are disrupted with elemental spirits, and to solve these issues, you, the Eight, have been reincarnated as a successor. You should establish the power as it should and have a balance for them as it was before the absence of Great Wizard Hashto.

The game is full of the most gorgeous guys you have ever seen, and the game carries a fantasy plot on it. So if you want to engage in a fantasy theme where your desires can be fulfilled, this is your chance. The magical world carries out the romance with characters to have this balanced power, and you will never forget the time you are going to experience with the Gemstone clan.

Since this NU: Carnival is not available for any to take from the App Store or the Play Store, most players are confused about how they can get a play from NU: Carnival. The servers providing the links to download this game do not feel so secure by the players, so there is a serious concern about the game’s security even though the download links are safe to take.

If you are looking for free spirit gems, coins, boosts, essence contracts, express passes and other exclusive rewards then check out our Nu Carnival codes post. So in this guide, we will show you how you can download this fantastic game on your PC to have a reroll on it and let’s see what benefits are associated with having a reroll on a PC as follows.

How to Reroll in NU: Carnival?

There is a simple rerolling process associated with NU: Carnival, and we recommend you to have at least two from SSR heroes on your game before you settle down for an account. The reason for saying that is when you have more SSR units with you, you will unlock more H scenes from your entire gameplay.

The steps for rerolling are as follows:

  • After getting into the game, have a start for NU: Carnival by having a guest login option.
NU: Carnival Reroll Guide
  • Then enter your preferred name to the game and finish the NU: Carnival tutorial.
NU: Carnival Reroll Guide
  • Once this tutorial is finished, players are given two methods for rerolling. One is for 30 pulls, and it takes about 5 to 7 minutes from the game, while the other one is for 50 pulls that go around 20 minutes.
NU: Carnival Reroll Guide
  • In 30 pulls, you can claim the present boxes for ten single scrolls and have an exchange for the scrolls which have been collected in the mail. You need to go to the shop, then Special, and for the tab of Barter to have ten summon scrolls. You can claim 1 to 4 rewards under your tab and then go to the tab of Friend Code. You can enter your invite code here and claim your last 40 summon scrolls.
  • For the 50 pullings, you can follow up the first three steps we mentioned here and then play the game story to clear it for 2 to 1 on taking 6000 gems. And you can have 2 to 8 for another ten summons scroll as well.
  • After rerolling, if you are happy about what you got, you can bind your account. But if you are not happy with what you have got, you can repeat the process by logging out from your account.

If you feel like this re-rolling process takes too much time from you, we got you. We can use another option here to ease and speed up our gameplay.

How to Reroll and Play NU: Carnival on PC?

Play NU: Carnival on PC

Rerolling process for NU: Carnival can be fastened with the use of LDPlayer, and it takes only simple steps, and even if you didn’t get the unit you wanted, you are not going to waste more time here. You have the greatest opportunity to have several rerolls at once with LDPlayer as follows.  

  • First, download the LDPlayer and install it on your device.
  • Then download NU: Carnival by visiting LDPlayer’s system app and then the NU: Carnival official website.
  • You can download this NU: Carnival game by going to their official website.
  • Choose the android option from the download link and then open it after downloading the game.
  • Then go to the LDMultiplayer option, which you can see from its toolbar without opening the game and then select it to create duplicates from the game. Based on the storage capacity of your hard disk, you can create as many as clones you need.
Play NU: Carnival on PC
  • Then there is another option named Synchronizer, and with the use, you can select all your cloned emulators to sync. So all the copies of LDPlayer will allow you to play the game from them all.
  • Then start your game and follow up on the reroll steps we mentioned

Why Play NU: Carnival on LDPlayer?

The reasons are many. Since this game is only available on other sources to download and install, it may be a threat to the security of your device as so many malicious files can be downloaded by those unknown servers. So you can use LDPlayer as the safest option for having this NU: Carnival to play.

And more than that, LDPlayer allows you to play this game with a lot of options to control it as you want with support from a keyboard and a mouse on a large screen. The settings associated with the game are more flexible than you can ever imagine, as LDPlayer will give the smoothest gaming experience for you by adjusting the settings of your current device. The memory, storage, and graphics can be adjusted here to have the smoothest gameplay with NU: Carnival.

Moreover, LDPlayer is trusted by millions of players around the globe as the best android emulator, so there is no need to think twice about added features like Keyboard Mapping to have a great gaming experience from it to NU: Carnival.


NU: Carnival is the game where it would take you to a fantasy world, and now you can have its best experience with the help of LDPlayer. Don’t worry about the safety anymore to download this game, and here you will be speeding up your rerolling together with the greatest experience for the gameplay with LDPlayer.

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