Cyber Hunter Guide, Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Cyber Hunter is the latest mobile battle royale game developed by NetEase Games. After the great success of their popular games like Rules of Survival and Knives Out-Tokyo Royale NetEase is back again with another futuristic mobile game. Here is our guide, tips, tricks, and cheats for cyber hunter which will help you to become a better player.

Cyber Hunter Guide


Just like most of the other battle royale game 100 players land onto a 6×6 km island and defeat every other player in the battleground. Character customization is available players can either choose Max or Zero. Select autofire if you are new to this type of game or choose manual fire if you are already comfortable with other shooter games. This game offers three game modes; solo, duo, and squad. Each mode as its own tier which can be increased by grinding. Select the server closest to your resident.

Servers in Cyber Hunter

  • South America
  • Southeast Asia
  • Europe
  • North America

Once you start the match just place your marker on the map and glide down using the joystick or use the auto mode. There is a nitro option available to make you land quicker. Use the eye button to check whether other players are landing with you.


After landing first thing you should do is look for weapons. Also, try to find all other accessories like armor, E-core, meds, scopes, and quantum cubes. Chest spawns are also key, open it to get tons of stuff.

Make sure to always stay inside the safe zone, as the circle gets smaller and smaller it’s going to hurt you more. You can always your quantum cubes to spawn in a bike which will make it way easier to get in the safe zone. Always keep your HP at 100 using medkits and bandages.  If you are playing duo or squad always stay close to your teammates which will help you defeat the enemy and win.

Download Cyber Hunter game for Android and iOS




  • Size
    • iOS: 1.5 GB.
    • Android: 1.4 GB.
  • OS
    • Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
    • Android 4.0 and up
  • Age rating: 12+
  • Price: Free

Tiers in Cyber Hunter

  • Rookie Star (400)
  • Pro Master (700)
  • Super Elite (1000)
  • Senior Fighter (1500)
  • Master Style (2000)
  • Legendary Agent (2500)
  • Absolute Ace(3000)

Weapons in Cyber Hunter


  1. Liberty Alpha
    • Balanced performance.
    • Recommended for new players.
    • E-core increases damage to vehicles and quantum materials.
  2. Delta
    • Easy to use.
    • Poor accuracy.
    • It requires practice to aim well.
    • E-core reduces bullet spray.
  3. Direct Confrontation
    • Semi-auto rifle that fires three round bursts.
    • Has strong firepower.
    • E-core increases firing speed and recoil is reduced.
  4. Son of the Sky
    • High damage.
    • Hard to master.
    • E-core increases headshot damage.
  5. Drake Buster
    • Low recoil.
    • Stable trajectory and excellent performance.
    • E-core greatly reduces recoil and reload time.
  6. Crusader
    • Only found in supply drops.
    • It almost has no defects.
    • E-core greatly reduces firing noise.


  1. Flamingo
    • Single shot sniper rifle.
    • Stable trajectory and okay rate of fire
    • Deals average damage.
    • E-core increases headshot damage.
  2. Soulsnatcher
    • Single shot sniper rifle.
    • Deals very high damage.
    • It requires a great deal of practice.
    • With E-core enemies are marked when hit, revealing their thermal signal for a while.
  3. Empty Coffin
    • Semi-auto sniper rifle.
    • Stable trajectory and pre-attached 4x scope.
    • E-core reduces firing noise.
  4. Valkyrie
    • Rare semi-auto sniper rifle.
    • Deals high damage.
    • Unstable trajectory when fired continuously.
    • E-core increases bullet speed and reload time is shortened.


  1. Omega
    • It has a high rate of fire.
    • It cannot equip scope.
    • E-core increases damage and stability.
  2. Foxtrot
    • Good stability and balanced performance
    • Recommended for new players.
    • E-core increases damage to vehicles and quantum materials.
  3. Sentinel
    • It has a rapid rate of fire.
    • Not recommended for new players. Requires some practice to get used to it.
    • E-core decreases reload time and aiming down scopes time.

Heavy Weapon:

  1. Absulute Zero
    • It will freeze enemies.
    • E-core unlocks the skill Subzero Bomb.
  2. Falling Star
    • Launches grenades and deals massive AoE damage.
    • Can quickly tear down quantum constructions.
    • It has a rapid rate of fire but low accuracy.
    • Unlocks the skill Fury Volley when equipped with E- core: fires 3 grenades per shot.
  3. Destroyer
    • Launches electromagnetic grenades and deals massive AoE damage.
    • Some p+ractice is needed to judge where the target will be.
    • Unlocks the skill Magnetic Missile when equipped with E- core: Launches 3 guided electromagnetic missiles.


  1. Tiburon
    • Deals high damage.
    • Unstable trajectory.
    • E-core unlocks the skill overcharged assault and increases the damage for a while.
  2. Killer Whale
    • A high rate of fire.
    • Deals average damage.
    • With E-core it releases more shrapnel, increasing damage.
  3. Nightingale
    • Healing shotgun.
    • Restores HP steadily but doesn’t deal any damage.
    • E-core unlocks skill shield, it creates a temporary HP shield for nearby allies.
  4. Vortex
    • Arc shotgun.
    • No need to aim.
    • No recoil but deals low damage.
    • E-core gets you the ball lightning skill that releases a slow-moving but powerful ball of electricity.

Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for Cyber Hunter

  • Customize the controls to make yourself more comfortable.
  • Make sure your frame rate is selected insane for smooth gameplay.
  • Exit from the plane when you are at 850m and use the nitro boost when you reach 250m.
  • Go to training mode and get used to the weapons in the game.
  • When playing duo or squad turn on the mic, communication is key.
  • If you trying to step up your game do hot drops.
  • If you trying to rank up, play a bit passive as hot drops could turn out to be RNG.
  • Make use of quick chat to mark enemies and supplies for your teammates.
  • Try to grab supply drops which can be seen by opening your map.
  • Make use of quantum materials, choose three skills which you need the most.

This is our guide, tips, tricks, and cheats for the game Cyber Hunter. For the latest mobile gaming news, updates, guides, and mobile esports of best games follow UCN Game on Twitter and Facebook.

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