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You may have waited for so long, and finally, the wait is over. Awaken: Chaos Era landed on the RPG gaming world, and this mythical game as the first from Century games became the priority for many players from many reviews. 

As a turn-based strategy RPG, this game is the new gacha game that will put you into summoning so many different heroes from its hero list, which consists of more than 155 characters.

There was a period in which this game was in testing, and it made it have so much positive impact on gamers. That is why it transformed into this kind of final product. If you have in-game purchases during this beta test, you will be returned with the in-game currency called ACE tokens. 

All the players will be offered 50% off their ACE tokens from all the in-game purchases they made through the beta period.

About Awaken: Chaos Era

This game is a gacha hero collector game, and players must summon their heroes to use and acquire them. The summoning can take all the heroes, or you can try to get them by a combination of hero shards which you have obtained from several areas of Awaken: Chaos Era.

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The turn-based battle system this game holds is what made it more exciting, and all the heroes are going to move by using a turn-wise order. The turn-wise method will be based on your hero’s speed and cooldown abilities.

Every character will be divided into multiple rarities, and the lowest will be known as uncommon while the highest known to be legendary. You can summon these all heroes by using the gacha system of Awaken: Chaos Era and by paying the total amount of the summoning currency called Advanced Summoning Crystals. 

And now, will have a free redeem code which you can get Advanced Summoning Crystals! Don’t miss it. Keep reading!

Free Redeem Code from LDPlayer 

LDPlayer is an emulator which you can use for playing Awaken: Chaos Era on your PC. And they are offering free exchange codes on different platforms!! Get your Advanced Summon Crystals up to 20! 

LDPlayer is offering you a redeem code to get Advanced Summon Crystals x5 gift packs from its store. Go to their official website to download and get this free gift code!!! 

LDPlayer’s official Facebook and Discord are making a giveaway event in which you will have a chance to get Advanced Summoning Crystals x 20 and Advanced Summoning Crystals x 10!! 

Event link:

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How to Play Awaken Chaos Era with LDPlayer?

LDPlayer comes with different features to improve your gameplay and make it more advanced. Features like Keyboard macros can set one key to perform several actions. 

And a Keyboard Mapping feature will allow you to create your game controls on your own. Then the Multi-Instance sync feature will help you rerolls faster as it makes several instances from the same game.

  • First, take a download on this LDPlayer emulator and  have an installation of it
  • Then step into its store and search the game Awaken: Chaos Era
  • Install your game and enjoy the best features
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The most important thing is, don’t miss this free redeem code, download LDPlayer and go to the LDStore, you will get Advanced Summon Crystals x5 for free!

Game Information

  • Title – Awaken: Chaos Era
  • Publisher – Century Games Limited
  • Genre – Casual Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 1.81 GB
    • iOS: 2.1 GB
  • Download

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