PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019

Brace yourselves because we are about to make history. Again! 2019 marks the arrival of the PUBG Mobile Club Open. PUBG Mobile is taking the world by storm! It’s the one of the best game on mobile with more than 30,000,000 players taking the battlefield every day in the ultimate test of survival. Last year our Star Challenge Tournament champs shared a prize pool of $600.000. They became eternal legends for millions of PUBG fans around the world.

Right now it’s time for new champions to rise up and fight for glory. This year we’re taking a step forward We’re proud to officially announce the PUBG Mobile Club Open! The goal is to kickstart the PUBG Mobile Esports ecosystem. We’ll start by a Club Open tournament that spans the duration of 2019. All players including YOU can form a Club and join the PMCO.

The Club Open is divided into Spring & Fall Splits with 10 tournament regions globally: North America, South America, Europe, India, South East Asia, Middle East, China, Korea, Japan, and the Wildcard region. The winners of each Regional Finals will be invited to the Club Open Global Finals for that split and get your Club ready to win 2.5 Million Dollars.

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16 Teams Qualified for PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Berlin 2019

In order to make the tournament more competitive. The allocations for PMCO 2019 Spring Finals in Berlin, Germany are changed. The champion of each regional final will advance to the Global Final directly. For the Southeast Asian (SEA) region, both winner and runner up will head to finals. The runner ups or second runner ups from each region will then play the preliminary for the remaining spots. Here are all the teams that made to the finals:

RRQ AthenaSoutheast Asia Qualifier Winners
Bigetron EsportsSoutheast Asia Qualifier Runner up
ELGChinese Qualifier Winners
Unique TeamEuropean Qualifier Winners
Team SoulIndian Qualifier Winners
BRK GamingSouth American Qualifier Winners
GC BusanKorean Qualifier Winners
SCARZ BlackJapanese Qualifier Winners
Sixty Nine TeamMiddle East Qualifier Winners
Nova EsportsWildcard Qualifier Winners
Spacestation GamingNorth American Qualifier Winners
Purple Mood E-SportSoutheast Asia Prelims 1st Place
X-Quest F (XQF)China Prelims 2nd Place
Team QuesoSouth America Prelims 3rd Place
TOP Esports (TES)China Prelims 4th Place
All Rejection GamingJapan Prelims 5th Place

PMCO Preliminary Round Teams

Top 5 teams from the preliminary round will advance to the global final. Total 16 teams will play in Global Final from July 26th-28th in Berlin, Germany. Here all the 16 teams preliminary round:

Purple Mood E-SportSoutheast Asia Qualifier 3rd Place
Team SecretSoutheast Asia Qualifier 4th place
X-Quest F (XQF)Chinese Qualifier 2nd place
TOP Esports (TES)Chinese Qualifier 3rd place
TeamINDIndian Qualifier 2nd Place
INDIAN TigersIndian Qualifier 3rd Place
Deformia Meditari 99European Qualifier 2nd Place
From HelllEuropean Qualifier 3rd Place
RG Star TeamWildcard Qualifier 2nd Place
Team QuesoSouth American Qualifier 2nd Place
TOPKorean Qualifier 2nd Place
All Rejection GamingJapanese Qualifier 2nd Place
Kurd SquadMiddle East Qualifier 2nd Place
Lights OutNorth American Qualifier 2nd Place
Pittsburgh KnightsNorth American Qualifier 3rd Place
NOVA Monster ShieldTaiwanese Qualifier Winner

Win Exclusive PUBG Mobile Gifts

PMCO In Game GiftsDo you want to win exclusive in-game gifts? all you have to do is vote for your favorite PUBG Mobile Club Open player during the global finals and you’ll be automatically entered to win. One of these prizes here are the rules you can vote once every 24 hours the voting is open until July 28th at 10:00 A.M. We will do a lucky draw after the result announcement on July 28th so what are you waiting for vote now before it’s too late.

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